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Everyone To The Theatre! The Second Weekend Of Performances

Everyone to the theatre! The second weekend of performances

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June, at the La Planeta venue in Girona, you have the chance to enjoy the brand new show by Escenaris Especials: LOVE: live music in a dark and solitary jazz den conjuring up a thousand perceptions, experiences and sentiments based around love and the different ways of loving.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Escenaris Especials and look forward to seeing the results. The association creates theatre with people who are in a situation of social exclusion, working on memory, expressing emotions, social skills and self-esteem through performances of dramatic art.

We endorse the words of Escenaris Especials when they write: “We believe that theatre has to be a community undertaking; that the stage should include every point of view in order to create new references and new rhetoric. If theatrical performances were to reflect the diversity that exists in our society, our culture would be enriched and it would become a useful tool for transforming reality. It is not just a matter of giving people with functional diversity a voice, but of giving everyone else ears to listen.”

You can read the show’s script here and we encourage you to visit the website of Escenaris Especials:

Sala La Planeta de Girona

LOVE I: Saturday 1 June, at 11:30
LOVE II: Saturday 1 June at 18:00
LOVE III: Sunday 2 June at 11:30

Read the full script of the show here.

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