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The Granés Fundació Website Has Been Adapted For Improved Accessibility

The Granés Fundació website has been adapted for improved accessibility

We have adapted our website to align it with the accessibility regulations. People with sensory disabilities can now navigate easily around the website. In addition, all the attached PDF documents are also accessible to everyone. This project has been made possible thanks to the help provided by Tothomweb, Multisignes and Iglésies Associats.

People with low vision or blindness read in different ways: printed on paper, with a computer, by Internet, in Braille …

Information helps us make decisions, be informed, further our education, and enjoy what we are reading. Visually impaired people, like any other person, have the right to be informed.

This right to information is internationally recognised in Article 21 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Designing the website’s information so that it is accessible, and posting accessible contents (pdf, videos…), tells people about how we work.

PDF documents must be viewed using programmes that are not packaged in the browser. So we must make sure that these programmes can be used by everyone, as they have their own interface.

The main accessibility aspects considered in the PDF documents are aimed at sightless people; other aspects also need to be considered for people with residual vision and/or other disabilities.

When we export to PDF and the original document has not been written following accessibility guidelines, the person who accesses the PDF document via audio is presented with a disordered, incomplete file for reading. Consequently, it is important to follow basic guidelines for creating documents, adding alternative texts to images and, lastly, using effective tagging.

Thus, both the visually impaired person who accesses the document via audio and the sighted person who accesses the document visually will have the same opportunities.

The company Tothomweb has made a video to explain how a blind person navigates through the Granés Fundació’s website. In this video, Meritxell Aimerich, Tothomweb’s accessibility consultant, takes us through the website with the screen reader.

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