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Presenting LabDincat, A Research And Knowledge Resource For The Intellectual Disability Sector In Catalonia

Presenting LabDincat, a research and knowledge resource for the intellectual disability sector in Catalonia

Dincat, which represents the intellectual disability sector in Catalonia, and Granés Fundació, an organisation that works in the fields of disability, young people and education, have signed a cooperation agreement with the goal of launching LabDincat, a reference think tank on Intellectual Disability in Catalonia. With this agreement, the two organisations will cooperate within the Intellectual Disability Observatory in Catalonia and will draw up the Annual Report on the situation of Intellectual Disability in Catalonia, including follow-up, study, analysis and foresight.

The Annual Report on the situation of Intellectual Disability in Catalonia will include a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the situation of the people comprising this population group and their families in different stages of life. It will also address cross-cutting issues related with education, social integration, health, employment and recognition of rights, among others. This report will shed light and provide information on current needs in the area of intellectual disability, targeting government circles and the general public, with the goal of eradicating the prevailing ignorance about intellectual disability.

In this respect, LabDincat will play an indispensable role in supporting the design of transformative, innovative proposals in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It will put forward political and social proposals aimed at improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disability and their families, and guaranteeing respect for their rights in all spheres and stages of life. In order to ensure the necessary academic rigour and cross-disciplinary approach, the think tank will form a network composed of academics and researchers specialised in the field of intellectual disability, with added contributions from managers and professionals working in organisations, people affected by intellectual disability and their families.

Another of LabDincat’s tasks will be to support research, innovation and knowledge transfer in this field. It will also organise regular debates and conferences to explore issues of specific interest, such as the creation of a bank of best practices to gather experiences and foster learning through knowledge sharing.

LabDincat will have an Advisory Board led by professors Climent Giné and Toni Vilà, with members from Catalan universities and research centres; members of Dincat’s governing board as representatives of the partner organisations; a representative from Granés Fundació; and representatives from Dincat’s Persons and Families Councils.

The members of LabDincat’s Advisory Board are Joana Maria Mas, professor – Blanquerna (URL); Anna Balcells, professor – Blanquerna (URL) – deputy; Climent Giné, emeritus professor – Blanquerna (URL); Josep Font, former principal – Escola Estel; Laura Masferrer, general manager – Granés Fundació; Toni Vilà, researcher – IGOP (UAB); Ricardo Esteban, professor – UAB; Maria Carbó, professor – UB; Maria Pallisera, professor – UdG; Carles Alsinet, professor – UdL; Xavier Pelegrí, former professor – UdL – deputy; and Òscar Martínez, professor – URL

About Dincat
Dincat is the leading organisation representing people with intellectual disability in Catalonia; it groups almost 300 social entities and represents the rights of over 40,000 people with intellectual disability and their families in Catalonia. Through the values of commitment, dignity and equal opportunity, the federation works daily to guarantee effective social and work inclusion and fairer lives for these people and their families.

About Granés Fundació
Granés Fundació promotes and takes part in projects focused on the support and inclusion of disabled people, and also to facilitate training and research for young people, so that each one can achieve their personal life project. It works with a spirit of perseverance, aware of the cumulative impact of high standards and proactiveness, pooling effort with other stakeholders to increase the joint value contributed.

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