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il·lustració de dues doctores

The research involves a line of projects undertaken by Granés Fundació whose objective is to generate new knowledge from the research teams and organisations working in the field of disability that can contribute to improving disabled people’s quality of life and/or prevent the diseases that cause disability.


Granés Fundació Grants and IDIBGI
The goal of the IDIBGI’s Granés Fundació Grant programme is to recruit junior researchers to join one of IDIBGI’s research groups. The Granés Fundació Grants are endowed with 30,000 euros per year, with each researcher being recruited for a period of four years. As the grants are biannual, the total investment will amount to €300,000 during the next six years. With the support of the Granés Fundació Grants, the research groups affiliated with the IDIBGI will be able to select researchers who will develop their doctoral thesis in research related with disability and/or the factors that cause it.

LabDincat, a research and knowledge resource for the intellectual disability sector in Catalonia
A cooperation agreement has been signed with the organisation Dincat to promote the Intellectual Disability Observatory in Catalonia and draw up the Annual Report on the situation of intellectual disability in Catalonia, including follow-up, study, analysis and foresight.

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