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One of Granés Fundació’s goals is to generate accurate, open knowledge which can then be disseminated among the people and organisations who work in the fields of disability, training and research for young people.

The Granés Fundació Dialogues are spaces, seminars or meetings with professionals and experts which address different themes of interest for the sector, such as inclusive sport, the relationship between mental health and intellectual disability, etc. Subsequently, a publication and video are made available, with a selection of the leading contributions.


Llibre Esport Inclusiu Reptes de Futur

Granés Fundació Dialogues: Inclusive sport. Future Challenges
On 18 November 2020, Granés Fundació organised the first Seminar on Inclusive Sport, featuring experts who engaged in an open dialogue with the goal of creating knowledge and lines of work. This seminar fostered dialogue between different experts within the field of sport for disabled people, with the intention of enabling this knowledge to reach sports clubs and social entities. The seminar consisted of an initial expert focus group, followed by a dialogue that was opened to participation from the audience.

Portada del llibret "Salut mental i discapacitat intel·lectual"

Granés Fundació Dialogues: Mental health and intellectual disability
Granés Fundació organised the Seminar on Intellectual Disability and Mental Health jointly with the Catalan Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

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