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Granés Fundació Attends The Preview Of “5-2=7”, A Documentary About Deafblindness In Which We Have Collaborated

Granés Fundació attends the preview of “5-2=7”, a documentary about deafblindness in which we have collaborated

The Granés Foundation has sponsored the filming of a documentary on deafblindness entitled 5-2=7. After spending five years in production and enduring many financial challenges, the project by Multisignes is finally a reality thanks to crowdfunding contributions through Verkami and the dedication of the whole production team.

Many hundreds of people attended the previews shown at the Auditori Ateneu in Banyoles on 19 July and at the Clariana Civic Centre in Barcelona on 25 July. The documentary was further enhanced by insights from its creators, Anna Maria Martin and David Riera, who were very clear that they wanted to highlight a largely unknown disability with “5-2=7”.

Thanks to the stories of deafblind people, their close family members and the professionals who support them every day, viewers were able to get a deeper insight into their situations in a documentary in which sign language is the main form of communication.

However, “5-2=7” is accessible to everyone: it comes with a soundtrack, subtitles and sign language, offering a unique opportunity to learn how to offer everyone enough resources to enjoy the maximum self-sufficiency”, in the words of director David Riera.

We wish this production every success on its release in December 2019. Don’t miss it!

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